Getting Better

Great news, Team Bridge, Wayne is bouncing back!

Bridge – like this, but less miserable…

Wayne Bridge 

After a gentleman’s heart has been broken by a French woman, the path back to true happiness is a long, arduous one.

Recovery stages tend to begin with weeping. Open, loud, hysterical weeping. Sometimes in public, often in front of startled family members who don’t quite know what to say. They’ve never seen you like this. At least, not since you stopped soiling yourself on an hourly basis.

Then, once that’s done, perhaps a nice holiday with the lads? You can let your hair down, smoke a few cigs, get a tatt done, drink some booze, enjoy some light snogging on a local pavement. Hell, you might even have sex with someone who has nice eyes and a lush body.

Anyway, the good news is that Wayne Bridge looks to be well on the road to recovery, after pictures appeared in today’s Daily Mail of the left back enjoying a smoking holiday in the beautiful city of Miami.

He’s there with Shaun Wright-Phillips and Micah Richards, and the word on the grapevine is that there have been a good few women present on their various nights out at fashionable bars and discos. One lady in particular appears to have attracted the feathery caress of Wayne’s shaky heartbreak fingers.

The Daily Mail said this:

Revelling in his single status, Bridge was attracting plenty of female admirers.

You can see all of the pictures here.

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