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Barca shouldn’t have bought Imbrahimovic… apparently

Was this man a massive waste of money?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

No one likes a tune-changer. No one. You know the type – old women with prune-faces, whistling merrily one minute, regaling you with all that is well with the world, then furiously scrubbing mud from their front step the next, muttering something about bloody young people. With their motorbikes.

Anyway, one such tune-changer appears to be Arrigo Sacchi, the former AC Milan manager – now 63 - who has reportedly been stroking Zlatan Imbrahimovic’s precious ego with one fist, whilst simultaneously delivering an almighty blow to the underpants with the other.

He said this, on the popular Spanish radio station, Onda Cero Catalunya:

“Barca erred by signing Ibrahimovic.”

“He is a fantastic player in an individual system, but in a team system he costs the others to get him involved.”

“I already told Pep that he had signed the best individual player in the world because he has everything – scoring ability, strength, talent.”

“But he has problems.”

A fair point? Or not?

Perhaps ponder the question, whilst enjoying the below video, which features some thrilling rock and roll music?

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  • Yosef // March 11, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    you didn’t put the whole quote, he goes on to say that there is time and he could be back into form before no time

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