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C.Ronaldo’s latest attempt and 9 great football adverts!

Ronaldo’s new Nike ad

Listening to the various ad execs taking him through their latest idea must have caused something of a tightening in the Cristiano Ronaldo trousers.

“It’ll be you,” they suggest, “but lots of yous.”

“Yous everywhere, in a mirror… working out and that.”

Gentlemen, now you’re talking, Cristiano would think to himself.

After the jump, you can enjoy some of The Spoiler’s favourite ever football ads. Feel free to suggest your own in the comments section…

Wayne Rooney, Coca-Cola

Brian Clough, Shredded Wheat

Kevin Keegan, Brut

Brazil, Nike

Carlsberg Pub Team

Michael Owen, Lucozade

Maradona, Guarana

John Barnes, Lucozade

Kevin Keegan (again!), Green Cross Code

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