End of an affair

It’s all over, Everton, LA Galaxy want Landon Donovan back

Landon, it’s been real

Landon Donovan 

Anyone who has ever enjoyed/endured a long-term relationship will know all about that stirring moment when another man/woman dares to make sexy eyes at your bed partner. Your vision blurs, your brain starts swimming, and the feeling in your stomach, it’s not a flaming ball of rage, it’s actually a deep lustful rumbling. A rumbling that’s threatening to burst through your girdle, in a fit of emotional reawakening.

“Yes, they’re bloody beautiful!” you remind yourself.

And were it not for society’s stict code of conduct, you’d probably buy the pervert across the room a drink. He/she has unwittingly just saved your relationship. 

All of which leads extremely seamlessly to Landon Donovan, who has been reminding LA Galaxy exactly why they fell in love with him for the last couple of months, whilst breathing heavily in the muscular arms of Everton FC. He’s been great. But now they want him back.

David Moyes was hoping to extend the club’s affair with the popular American for a few more weeks, but as things stand, it looks like it will all be over as soon as the weekend. The American’s swansong coming at Birmingham on Saturday.

LA Galaxy coach, magnificently named Bruce Arena, said this with a very straight face (as reported on imscouting.com):

“Landon will be back on March 15.”

Everton will, of course, be hoping to resume the steaminess at some point in the future.

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