Gardening Leave

Lucky Phil Brown granted permission to grow flowers…

Grab a trowel, Phil!

Phil Brown

As considerate human beings, people like to describe bad turns-of-events in nice, uplifting ways. Hence why doctors don’t stand in front of the bereaved, going on and on about how their loved one “is dead now”, or how they “just died screaming, with blood spurting everywhere! Seriously, you think you’re shell-shocked?”.

Instead, they say comforting phrases like “passed away”, or “moved on”, or “drifted silently up to Heaven right there in front of us”.

And so to Phil Brown, of whom chairman Adam Pearson has released this statement:

“Hull City AFC confirms that Phil Brown has been relieved of his managerial duties at the club and has been placed on gardening leave with immediate effect. Brian Horton and Steve Parkin will take charge of first-team duties until further notice.”

Not as good as it sounds, unfortunately.

He’s been sacked.

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  • John // March 15, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    I wonder how many people actually do turn to gardening after being sacked? Maybe it would have clamed Roy Keane down a bit…

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