Newcastle passed on Zidane, thank you very much

Zidane – rejected

Zinedine Zidane 

Everyone makes mistakes. Eastenders, for example, featured SNOW last night – an error that either suggests an intriguing micro-climate that exists in East London, or simply dismantles any suspension of disbelief, leaving even the most hardened viewers very suddenly aware that they are just watching a bunch of spoilt actors reciting lines and pretending to care, months ago.

It sounds like a small mistake, but seriously, it’s huge. They might as well have introduced flying taxi cabs, or Daleks drinking in the Vic.

But, whilst Eastenders will definitely survive this outrageous cock-up, and people will forget, football agent Barry Silkman will presumably fight broken sleeps for the rest of his life. As reported by great friends of the site, Dirty Tackle, he once failed to convince Newcastle to buy Zinedine Zidane.

Talking to sport.co.uk, Silkman said this:

“I have missed out on players. I suppose the biggest player I missed out on was Zinedine Zidane.”

“I offered him to Newcastle at the beginning of the 1996 season for £1.2million. And they watched him and said that he wasn’t good enough to play in the First Division which is the Championship now.”

“Three months later he went to Juventus for £1.2million and two years later he went for £48million. So I think the people at Newcastle got it slightly wrong.”

Slightly wrong indeed. Still, on the plus side, Newcastle weren’t the only ones. Back in 1995, Blackburn Rovers owner, Jack Walker, apparently said this:

“Why do you want to sign Zidane when we have Tim Sherwood?”

An intriguing conundrum. Below are some visual aids that might help to unravel it…

Tim Sherwood

Zinedine Zidane

Yeah, Zidane looks a bit better, Jack.

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