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Skint Santos to send Robinho back to City, and more…

Is it curtains for Robinho?


Showbiz desks have been left agog today with news that the actress Katherine Heigl (pronounced “Hi girl!”) suffered a textbook “triple cringe” at an awards show. One of the straps broke on her beautiful red dress! Thankfully, she was alert enough to prevent an airing of the full boob.

Over on the sports desk, financial stories have been flying in thick and fast, and here’s what we know today thanks to all of the most urgent newspapers (The Daily Mail, Mirror, Sun etc…):

The famous Brazilian footballer, Robinho, may yet be forced to return to Man City, both underneath the clouds of shame, as well as the less metaphorical, but equally depressing clouds that sit on the Manchester skyline for at least eleven months every year. Word has it that Santos are struggling to keep up with his preposterous wage demands, and might prefer it if the robed gentlemen at Man City deal with all of that instead.

In other important news, thanks to a weird loophole in his contract, Phil Brown – currently maintaining rose bushes, and weeding flower beds whilst on “gardening leave” – could yet remain on his full manager’s salary from Hull until June 2011.

And Avram Grant, who loves a massage, is certainly feeling the pinch after all of the trouble at Pompey. He said this:

“We don’t have a duty to the other Premier League teams. The Premier League has a duty to the other teams.”

“We’ve tried everything in the last months to keep the spirit of football and what I think football is about and I don’t see any reason to do it when we haven’t got a target.”

Great news for the likes of Spurs and Chelsea, who still have Portsmouth to play before the season’s out.

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