Sexting Update

Hey, what’s this? Another football sex scandal?

Carroll – got a bit punchy-punchy

Andy Carroll

For those of you who don’t live in a world where people drink as many beers as it takes before they have the courage to ask girls for snogs, there is a new craze sweeping Binge Drink Britain – it’s called “sexting” and it combines the act of verbal sexual intercourse (dirty talk), and mobile phone texting. “Sexting”.

As reported in the last few days, one of the pioneers of this tawdry practice was the golfer Tiger Woods, who managed to woo a porno actress by making some rather worrying suggestions regarding an area of the body where the sun most certainly does not shine.

Anyway, the latest victims of this revolting craze are the Newcastle players Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor.

As reported in yesterday’s papers, the pair were involved in an almighty training ground scrap, which resulted in Steven Taylor having his jaw rewired, whilst Carroll had his fist bandaged up – it wouldn’t take Columbo to figure that one out! – but according to the popular free paper, Metro, there could be more to this than just “handbags”.

The word on the street is that Carroll confronted Taylor regarding rumours of steamy text messages from his ex-girlfriend on Taylor’s phone. And then he punched him in the face.

When will footballers learn?

And, more importantly, when will Andy Carroll realise that being dubbed “the new Duncan Ferguson” isn’t always a good thing?

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