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Of course, the big news today is that Arsenal’s dinky little fashion graduate, Andrey Arshavin, thinks that his club doesn’t have enough “star players” to win trophies, which is rather negative talk at this stage of the campaign.

“The Premier League is very interesting, at least as long as we continue fighting to win it.”

“But without new experienced players, real stars, it will be difficult to achieve success.”

Reverse psychology? A devestating truth bomb? Either way, you can enjoy some highlights from his wonderful blog after the jump…

2. From Yulya
Andrey, is it possible to see you with a book in your hands? If so, what kind of writers do you prefer? Modern of classic? What do you think about poetry? Never tried to write something yourself? Do you associate
yourself with any book character?

Arshavin: I love to read fiction. I read a lot, but I would not say that I have some favorite authors. Recently I got interested in Dostoevsky. As for the poetry – I like it when people read poems. Although I’ve never tried to write poems myself. At the present moment it’s difficult for me to compare myself to any fictional character.

3. From aniram
Hi, do you like horses? Have you ever ridden them? If not, do you want to try? If you want to ask me something, feel free to do it :)

Arshavin: Actually, I once rode a horse bareback in the village. It was very slippery, I was a small boy then, I was barely holding its mane when suddenly it bolted and I almost fell into a pile of manure. After that, I never sat on the horse again.

7. From TianA
What do you think of ideological anarchism?

Arshavin: In order to give you an exhaustive explanation, I should thoroughly study this subject. So far I can’t say anything.

10. From KittY
Hi, Andrey !!!=)) Were you punished as a kid?) If so, how? (for example you had to stand in the corner) But in general, were you a naughty child?
Thanks for your answers and, of course, for the game!)) Good luck in football and in your life!))

Arshavin: I was a naughty child. I was punished, but rarely. There was no physical abuse, even if I did something wrong I was not forbidden to go for a walk or watch TV. My parents were loyal to me. I could do a lot of things.

11. From chesnaj
Andrey, would you like to take part in some TV show? (For example “Dancing on Ice”)?

Arshavin: If I took part in this show, it should be renamed “A Cow on Ice”.

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