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Michael Winner wades in on the JT/Wayne Bridge debate

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Michael Winner

Some people might only know Michael Winner for those television adverts where he smashes up a car then puts a genuinely concerned old woman in her place with his belittling catchphrase “calm down, dear, it’s only a commercial”, but actually he’s also the man behind wonderful movies like Death Wish, Death Wish II, and Death Wish Three.

Plus, he is now something of a social commentator, as he proved in recent interview with the popular men’s weekly Shortlist, in which he decided to roll up his sleeves and wade into the John Terry/Wayne Bridge debate with his usual grace - which, by the way, sits somewhere around the “hippo in a tutu trapped in a wheelie bin” mark.

He said this on the matter:

Have you been following the football scandals?

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of scandal. The fact that someone is screwing someone else’s girlfriend or wife, it’s not exactly new.

They’re quite fun. It cheers up the nation. Child molesting, wars, deaths and the economy is dreadful. Why shouldn’t we have a bit of fun?

To sack [John] Terry because [he] had an affair is stupid. He’s not employed as a moralist, he’s employed as a footballer.

If only the English wouldn’t be so po-faced. In France, he’d have got a promotion.

You can read the rest of the Michael Winner interview here.

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