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10 Things that are funnier than Jimmy Bullard

Bullard – doing his funny stuff

Jimmy Bullard 

Earlier today, The Spoiler challenged readers to name some funny footballers, and one or two of you have come up with Jimmy Bullard.

Jimmy Bullard.

He’s is quite funny, Jimmy Bullard. But after the jump are ten things that are a bit funnier… 

William Shatner doing Elton John cover versions

For all that is side-splitting about Jimmy Bullard, even his well crafted goal celebrations can’t quite touch the sight of the impossibly brilliant William Shatner talking through songs that don’t really make sense as though they were vital Shakespearean monologues. All whilst dressed in a tux, enjoying a smoke, and yet still pretending to be an astronaut.

TV Go Home

Charlie Brooker

Before he morphed into the loudly sarcastic, gurning-faced television critic, Charlie Brooker (in the middle of the picture) was quietly crafting one of the most genuinely hilarious websites around, TV Go Home. A brilliant Radio Times spoof, you can see it here. And FYI: It’s definitely funnier than Jimmy Bullard.

A lady throwing up on live television

It would take about a million of Jimmy Bullard’s greatest quips to even come close to equalling the hilarity of seeing an unfortunate young lady projectile vomiting on live television. Above is some proof of that.

Tom Stade

The Spoiler has long been a fan of the little known comedian, Tom Stade, for numerous reasons. Firstly, he’s really rather funny. Secondly, he’s not Jimmy Bullard.

Christian Rock Music

Even if he was armed with his most hysterical impressions, it’s unlikely that five minutes in the company of Jimmy Bullard would as funny as a video clip of some cheerful Christians singing all about Jesus. Especially during Holy Week.

Eastbound and Down

Yes, The Spoiler has seen the funny Wash N Go advert, starring Jimmy Bullard. It’s good. But, unfortunately, it’s not as good as Eastbound and Down – a television comedy that aired last year on one of the more remote cable channels. Above is a clip that definitely ISN’T SUITABLE FOR YOUR BOSS.

Hilarious Pranks

Ahh, pranks are brilliant, and any man who can’t find some kind of amusement from a banana skin, or a great big orange traffic cone probably wouldn’t be welcome at a party thrown by Jimmy Bullard. In fact, Jimmy might appreciate the above clip, in which a prankster… wait for it… has removed some glass from a door!

Bearded ladies

Bearded Lady

If someone dragged you into a room, pointed at two pictures – one of Jimmy Bullard, and one of a woman with a beard – and then demanded that you tell them which one is funnier, 99 per cent of people would agree, it’s the lady.

Teenage love songs

In the above video, a young man wears his heart on his sleeve and sings a moving lament to a dream lover. And even THAT is funnier than Jimmy Bullard. 

This funny Vodka advert

Were you to give Jimmy Bullard a week to make a funny vodka advert, he’d probably come back with something closely resembling those appalling WKD commercials. Hence why the above skit is presumably funnier than Jimmy Bullard.

Any more for any more?

Can you think of something that is funnier than Jimmy Bullard? Let us know with a comment. 

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