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Ronaldinho eyes up Premier League, Pato to Chelsea…

“I’m planning a jailbreak”

Ronaldinho and Pato

The various solvent abusers and purveyors of new types of tight fitting trousers who tend to work on showbusinness desks around the country have today been enraptured by Cheryl Tweedy/Cole’s new hair – it’s so LA! By which, of course, they mean that it’s BIG. Big and wavy, like the oceanic hairstyles from the original Charlie’s Angels era.

Whether this makes any discernable mark on your day kind of depends on who you are, and exactly what floats your boat, but a hunch suggests that the following stories might be more of your bag (as reported in The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, The Guardian etc…):

There is much talk of Brazilian movement around the exits of AC Milan, with the former great, Ronaldinho, and the one-for-the-future, Alexandre Pato, both rumoured to be upping sticks in the not too distant future.

In Ronaldinho’s case, the whisper is that he fancies having a crack at the Premier League once his Italian contract comes to an end. Man United, City, and Cheslea have all had a bash at signing the toothy legend in the past, but now sitting on the wrong side of 30, much will depend on the state of his current upsurge in form come buying time.

Pato, meanwhile, looks set to join either Chelsea or Real Madrid at the end of the season. Chelsea will need to put aside at least £45million in freshly ironed notes to get their man.

In other news, Wigan’s favourite Milli Vanilli tribute striker, Rodallega, looks set to be Arsenal-bound once the transfer window reopens. Word has it that negotiations are in the offing, and about £10million should do it.

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