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Gerrard to open his very own hipster bar/restaurant

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Those who spent half an hour last night repeatedly flipping between the Man United game and the Masterchef final will attest to the fact that football and food are actually quite a good match. Although, both harboured rather disappointing results. Yes, Dhruv was clearly the better chef, but The Spoiler wanted the children’s doctor to do it. Not least for the fact that he didn’t start welling up whenever anyone spoke to him.

The food blogger didn’t even come into it, he was just too grateful.

Anyway, food/football fans have permission to go totally bananas, because news has just come in that Steven Gerrard will be opening his first restaurant later this month.

Like so many Liverpool footballers who have suddenly envisaged the end of their careers on the horizon, before feverishly jamming their podgy fingers in as many pies as possible – Fowler with houses, Hansen and Lawrenson with sarcastic punditry, Owen with nags – Stevie G has put his thumb print on the relaunch of the Warehouse Brasserie in Southport, soon to be rechristened the Warehouse Kitchen & Bar.

As you’d expect from a local Merseyside lad, it’s going to be quite the hang out. The accompanying press release reads thusly:

The design and theme of the restaurant is being kept a closely guarded secret but has taken its inspiration from the new wave of “hipster bars” popular in New York’s Tribeca district.

Steven, as a shareholder in the venture, said: “If you look back at any interviews I have done where they’ve asked me about my favourite restaurant, and I’ve done a lot over the years, I’ve always said the Warehouse.

“I’ve been eating there for years because I love the food and the atmosphere, so it’s genuinely exciting to become its co-owner with Paul.

“I certainly don’t want to just be the ‘celebrity’ face of the restaurant. This is not a theme bar, it’s about great food, great surroundings and making it a place that people really want to come back to.

“This is my first venture in the restaurant trade but I think it’s important to also say that my priorities are, and always will be, on the football pitch.”

If you like hipster bars and fancy a dinner at the captain’s table, just click here and book one!

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  • Boss // April 8, 2010 at 9:47 am

    Who’s the DJ?

  • Delboy Dublin // April 8, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Will they only play Phil Collins?

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