Anelka and Drogba hate each other, suggests Kevin Davies

Ahh, the good old days

Anelka and Drogba

If Hollywood has taught the world anything, it’s that people don’t necessarily have to get on well to get the job done. Look at Maverick and Ice Man in Top Gun – those guys couldn’t stand each other, but when it came to working side-by-side in a bid to shoot up some bad guys, they proved to be absolutely wonderful wingmen. So good, in fact, that Mav softens somewhat during the post fight head-rush and gives his old foe a warm cuddle.

Were there a Top Gun 2 (or Top Guns), it’s probably safe to assume that Mav and Ice would have been found enjoying many a long night drinking brewskis and practicing Tai Chi silhouetted by the moon – best buds forever.

All of which leads to the reportedly fractious relationship between Drog Drog (Maverick) and Anelksie (Ice Man) at Chelsea. The growing whisper is that they don’t get on very well, and Bolton’s striker Kevin Davies spat further fuel on the fire by saying this about his ex-teammate (as reported in the Daily Mail):

“There seems to be something not quite right with him and Didier Drogba. I’m not sure they get on very well.”

“There doesn’t seem to be a great bond when they play together, whereas Nicolas lights up when he plays on his own.”

“You can’t deny he’s a great player but at the moment, you feel he’s just not that happy.”

At this stage of proceedings, Ancelotti would surely be wise to lock the pair in a candlelit room, with just a VHS of Top Gun, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, some white towels, and a jar of baby oil. That’d get them back on track.

Else it’s going to be Sheringham and Cole all over again. No one needs that.

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