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Arshavin’s wife will NOT be posing for Playboy, apparently

Arshavin – speaks his brains


Arshavin – Arsenal’s tiny little fashion graduate – is a rare footballer. One who manages to not only entertain on the field, but off it too. The Spoiler is a notoriously big fan of his astonishingly good blog, and if you haven’t visited already, really, you must.

After the jump, you can enjoy a nice little selection of bizarre and intrusive questions from his latest post…

4. From NiNo
Andrey, how do you feel when a girl has so-called six pack abs? Do you think it is beautiful or not? We are not talking about bodybuilding, just good abs and nothing more. Thanks in advance for your reply!
: I don’t understand girls who do bodybuilding. I don’t want to say that they annoy or repulse me. No, I simply don’t understand them. Therefore, I consider it beautiful when a girl has just a flat stomach.

5. From DASHKA14
Hi, Andrey! Answer this question! Only be honest! Do you like to blow through a straw into a glass of lemonade, or something else so that it bubbles?
: Yes, but I prefer to do it with a milkshake. I like it when a cocktail raises forming bubbles.

9. From vikkate
Are you a jealous type? Would you allow your wife to pose for Playboy?
: I think that Julia would skip this shoot.

11. From sloni4ka
Hi Andrey !!!!!!!!!!! I want to say that I’m not a big fan of yours, but I like the way you play. I live in Ekaterinburg, and recently I got photographed with the UEFA Cup that Zenit won, it was such an unforgettable experience. The thing is my girlfriend is crazy for you and she always cuts her wrists because of you, tell me what to do or say to her. Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Cuts her wrists? It’s a suicide attempt; I guess she needs therapy, urgently!

12. From Tristeza
Hello, Andrey! I would like to ask, how to refuse drinks or cigarettes so that I do not offend my friends.
Thanks. Tatiana
: If they are your true friends, then they will never force you to smoke or urge you to drink when you do not want to. I have many friends who smoke and drink, but when I spend time with them and refuse alcohol, none of them experience any discomfort that I’m sober.

Great stuff.

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  • Paddy O // April 14, 2010 at 1:28 am

    Someone’s taking the piss, right? Little Andrey is funny as f*ck–unintentionally, methinks.

  • Kevin // April 14, 2010 at 2:10 am

    I’m just about to read the blog post where he answers questions about Spurs and Rasputin. I really do not give a rat’s ass what he thinks about Spurs. I cannot wait to find out what he thinks about Rasputin.

  • Kevin // April 14, 2010 at 2:15 am

    It was a little disappointing. But I appreciate that he is not frightened of bears.

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