Crime Update

New “Ronaldinho” thieving technique sweeping Spain

Pato – being robbed?

Ronaldinho and Pato

There’s an old adage about killing people with kindness, which feels entirely appropriate right about now, with news from sunny Spain that street criminals have replaced classic robbing techniques – such as the use of violence and threatening behaviour - with polite conversation and “friendliness” to fleece their victims.

As reported on the popular continental website,, this new form of crime - in which pickpockets engage tourists in polite conversation, and even give them a friendly hug, whilst their colleagues nick their valuables - has been dubbed “doing a Ronaldinho” by local police, so-named because of the toothy one’s cheerful method of celebrating goals, which tended to involve both smiling and hugging people.

Of course, why this should apply only to Ronaldinho, and not just any footballer who has ever scored a goal, is anyone’s guess.

With the notable exception of Berbatov, who still manages to look threatening and violent when he scores. 

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