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Old man Dowie has a grumble about kids and their iPods

“Welcome to Hell, Mr Dowie”


After the weekend’s home defeat against Burnley, Iain Dowie was presumably left in a worrying state of contemplation. What is going wrong here? Why aren’t the players functioning properly? What’s their problem?

And, like any man of a certain age living in these confusing modern times, after much thought, he appears to have located the issue – it’s those bloody iPods.

As reported in today’s Mirror, the Hull boss let off a bit of steam:

“Sometimes the players have got to forget the iPods, and x, y and z.”

“They need to think about what really matters.”

“I use that as an example of the trappings of being a professional footballer.”

“I’m not a great fan of these big earphones on the way to games, but it’s up to the player and everyone prepares in different ways.”

“My thing with the iPod generation is that when they leave the ground and go away to their closeted little lives, they shouldn’t forget what’s got them where they are and what impact they can have on a generation.”

A hunch suggests that he continued in his rant - having random pops at DVD players, the internet, remote control cars, Sega Megadrives, microwave ovens, 3-D films, cyborgs, mobile phones, those golf balls that squeak when you lose them, Oyster Cards – but people were far too busy playing Snake to care. 

Not like the old days, huh Iain? Disco is dead, man!

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  • epiblast // April 16, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    “Sometimes the players have to forget the iPods, and x, y and z.”

    Ummm… What?!

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