Pucker Up Lads!

Neville and Scholes, and other kissing footballers


Neville and Scholes 

Fans of movies about the mob will tell you that sometimes one man can kiss another man, and it’s not in any way girly/gay. If anything, it’s actually quite macho, and it goes some way to proving that there’s really nothing particularly eyebrow-raising about two straight men enjoying a nice long kiss. They’re just comfortable with their masculinity.

Judas famously kissed Jesus in The Bible (not a euphemism). The Hollywood movie Brokeback Mountain found two burly heterosexual cowboys kissing each other in a tent to stay warm. And now, Gary Neville has made everyone at the back of the class giggle, just because he allowed his heart to overrule his head during a goal celebration (above).

Well, grow up, kids! Football has a long rich history of kissing, and after the jump you will find some rather moving pictures of other footballers allowing their soft lips to do the talking…

A vintage Tottenham kiss, enjoyed very much by a smiling Terry Venables (left)

Alan Mullery

Leeds favourites Harte and Kelly - either celebrating a goal, or just saying “hi”…

Harte and Kelly

Tevez and Maradona – blissfully unaware of any cameras

Maradona and Tevez

Newcastle’s Kevin Nolan kisses Andy Carroll’s teeth

Carroll and Nolan

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