No Way!

Behold! The amazing “two guys, one ball” overhead kick!

Double overhead kick!

Time was when people all around the world were so discombobulated by the sight of identical twins that they would literally stop dead in the street and start poking one of them to check that he/she wasn’t a hologram/mirror. Either that, or they’d chase them. Anyway, everyone is totally used to them now, but even still, every so often something “identical” will come along and blow your mind.

Such as the above goal in which Sebastian Romero and Marco Perez both hit the same wavelength against Boca Juniors.

(Via Eurosport)

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  • Phil // April 23, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    Mad skillz!! However, what’s with the random piece of cartoon clippage at the end of the vid?? Weird…

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