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Oh dear, looks like Paolo Maldini is in a spot of bother

Oh, it’s like butter wouldn’t melt!

Paolo Maldini

Up until, well, a few hours ago, were you to bundle a football manager into the back of a van and use the threat of violence to make him list some decent football role models, he’d almost definitely say Paolo Maldini. In fact, take away the van and the entirely pointless use of aggression, and the results would probably be exactly the same.

126 caps for Italy, well over twenty years playing for AC Milan, commonly regarded as one of the finest defenders of all time, Maldini is held in such high regard in Milan that AC have even retired his Number 3 club shirt as a mark of respect. And yet, as now appears to be the fashion with high profile footballers, the more layers that you peel away, the more putrid and unseemly they become. That’s right, Maldini is in trouble with the law.

As reported on the popular Spanish site Marca, Maldini and his beautiful wife are now being investigated over accusations of corruption, having illegal access to tax records, and of bribing a tax official – presumably in a bid to keep hold of some rather smelly money.

Maldini’s lawyer has said this:

“He’s calm and serene. In contesting the accusations, which are without a doubt baseless, he’s certain that he will be able to demonstrate that he and his wife had absolutely nothing to do with this and that they must be injured parties and certainly not those being investigated.”

Kids, do NOT take note.

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