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If City don’t make 4th, Tevez will be off… apparently

Lighters at the ready, City fans!


Remember how you first felt when you saw Carlos Tevez scurrying around like a labrador chasing a wasp for West Ham? He had the look of a man so loyal that he would painfully amputate his own feet using a plastic spoon if it meant that his team might just scrape a point.

As first impressions go, it was impressive. And yet, since then, he’s enraged the red side of Manchester by joining their local rivals, and now the word on the street is that not married to the idea of staying at Man City either.

According to the weekend’s Mail on Sunday, the prolific front man isn’t entirely convinced by Roberto Mancini, and should City fail to grab the final Champions League spot, he’ll be off. Most likely in the direction of Real Madrid, Inter… or Liverpool – the whisper being that a reunion with Mascherano might prove just the ticket.

Presumably, in such an event, Everton fans could then look forward to snaring Argentine gun-for-hire in around about 2012. 

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