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Carr’s in trouble, Barca want Steven Taylor…

Steven Taylor – sitting on a wall

Steven Taylor

Those who like their sport to come with a glamourous showbiz sheen will have been blown away by pictures of David Beckham’s little ones playing AMERICAN football today. It’s all over the news. So much so, that some people have forgotten all about the election, because if it’s a scoop you want, this is it.

What on earth is Becksie thinking?

In other news, here’s what we know about things that are marginally more important (thanks to the likes of The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail etc..):

After news swept like a sandstorm that Birmingham’s Stephen Carr (allegedly!) infuriated Villa fans with some well-trodden “go and make love to yourself” gestures, the cops have reportedly been asked to get involved and sort the bloody mess out.

A police spokesman/woman – spokesperson? – said this:

“West Midlands Police have received a complaint regarding an offensive gesture allegedly made by a player at the end of the Aston Villa-Birmingham City match on Sunday.”

“The matter is currently being investigated by detectives and inquiries are ongoing.”

In Manchester, there is talk of Wayne Rooney pulling off yet another Lazarus impression, as he looks set to make a premature return to the fold – the whisper being that he’ll be ready for action for the Sunderland match on Sunday.

And Barcelona are reportedly eyeing up a move for Newcastle’s Steven Taylor, in a deal that could find Carles Puyol moving in the other direction.

Can that really be true?

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  • Matt // April 28, 2010 at 7:55 am

    Puyol for Taylor….

    Club captain and most consistent and versatile defender? Ahhh….. no.

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