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Some proof that Roy Keane was actually at Man United

Now do you remember, Roy?

Roy Keane 

Of course, everyone will remember that old John Milton quote:

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”  

Meaning that your brain can choose to be happy, or sad, depending on what memories you decide to cling on to. It’s a very well known scientific fact, for example, that trauma victims will often completely forget whatever it was that landed them with the undesirable moniker “trauma victim” in the first place.

All of which leads rather clumsily to Roy Keane, who said this in today’s Mirror, on the subject of Man United:

“I’m pretty sure they have wiped me from their history and I have wiped them from mine.”

So, in the spirit of reawakening some old feelings, and hopefully making a Heaven of Roy Keane’s Hellish mind, The Spoiler thought it time to post a little reminder of his time at the club. After the jump, you will find a mixture of both Heaven and Hell times. But, on balance, probably mostly Hell ones.


First, the bad times…

And now, the good/bad times…

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