Happy Man

Drogba performs his second greatest ever celebration…

But this was his greatest…

Well done to the 75 per cent of Spoiler readers who correctly fingered Chelsea as the eventual Premier League winners. It was quite easy in the end, all they had to do was belt in eight goals, and it was in the bag.

For those who missed it, Drogba paid homage to the planet’s infants by spending the first half wandering around the pitch with a luminous green snot bubble coming out of his nose, bacause mean Frank Lampard wouldn’t let him take a penalty, before totally mood-swinging in the second half, and getting all hyperactive about it when he finally did score.

On this occasion, he sprinted over to the corner flag to play air guitar to a bewildered crowd. In the above clip, from the olden days, he’s expressing his glee through the medium of dance.

Well done Chelsea. 

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