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And West Ham’s new boss is…. Avram Grant!

Oil up your hands, West Ham masseuses!

Avram Grant

Every single damn day, The Spoiler inbox slowly fills up, often in the manner of a leaking sewage pipe monotonously oozing into a wheelie bin. Come 5pm, the thing is brimming, leaving some poor sod with the ungodly job of getting shoulder’s deep and sifting around for shiny golden nuggets.

Well, today’s sparkling gem came sooner than expected, with these intriguing words:

“No idea if this is any use for The Spoiler, but I understand that Grant to West Ham is a done deal.”

Oh, it’s of use - you heard it here first, Spoiler readers!

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  • Love U Looong Time // May 13, 2010 at 10:56 am

    2 for 1 special at Ping pong palace! free happy ending with every massage for any premier league manager. Come in now! Just off East Ham on the Barking Road. Come now!!

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