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How does Andrey Arshavin feel about Death? No comment

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Grrrrim Rrreapah-pah-pah!

Grim Reaper

For those of you yet to taste the sheer magic of the Andrey Arshavin blog, you are seriously missing out on something special. It’s definitely the greatest footballer’s blog OF ALL TIME.

The premise is simple – fans of the dinky little fashion designer ask him weird questions, and then he answers them. Here’s a taster from the latest post:

2. From LesiaCRonaldo
Death is an arrow shot at you, but life is a moment when it is in the air. HUSRI Ibrahim. Since we do not know what death is, it is illogical to fear it. Socrates. If the death were a blessing – the gods would not be immortal. Sappho. What do you need to preserve the memory of a man? An hour of a marble mason. Karr Alphonse. What can Andrey Arshavin say on the subject of death?
On death? NOTHING.

4. From oopp
Hi, Andrey! Excuse me for such impudence, but I really want to know. Is it true that football players are not allowed to have sex before the game?
: It’s not forbidden in modern football. Everyone decides for himself if it’s good for him or not.

7. From Boldzhur
Hi, were you good at chemistry?
I had no problem with organic or inorganic chemistry. Chrome! :))))))

12. From Test Niels Test
Test? What are you testing? :)))))

13. From bysinka2
Hello Andrey, I actually have the same question as one of your fans. Well, I like football and I would love to play, but I don’t have this opportunity as I live in Kurganskaya oblast, and there is no women’s football here. What would you advise?
Join dressmaking courses :)))))

18. From 15031994
Hi, my name is Nastya. I’m almost 14 years old, I like you very, very much, because you are very, very handsome and play football like no one else. I think of you all the time, write poems about you and love you very very much! What should I do?
: Homework! :)

Loves an emoticon, that Andrey Arshavin :-(

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  • Kevin // May 15, 2010 at 2:22 am

    This man does not fear bears. He is a gift to us all.

  • Sam // May 17, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    It helps to read everything on this blog yourself in a cartoonish, Yakov Smirnov russian accent.

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