Men Against Boys

Athletic Bilbao take on 200 hyperactive youngsters

It ended – Athletic Bilbao 5-3 Two Hundred Maniacs

As is so often the case with charitable causes, the methods used to raise funds tend to veer towards the downright weird. Hence, things like “comedy” and “laughter” are incorporated into saving the starving millions, or people dressed as Mr Potato Face will run 26 miles to find a cure for cancer.

It’s all very admirable – The Spoiler, by the way, is A BIG FAN of charity. And the more hilarious the money-raising technique, the better, quite frankly.

So to the recent charity football match, staged in sunny Spain. The above clip finds Athletic Bilbao taking on hundreds of hysterical maniacs – all in the charitable name of something-or-other…

Good for them! 

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  • geeb // May 19, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Just another Saturday morning in Prospect Park…

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