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Arshavin’s Pepsi ad, and questions about Marxism

Everyone’s favourite Russian, plus everyone’s 2nd favourite Cola

If you are yet to visit Andrey Arshavin’s blog, then you are already well behind schedule. It’s literally the greatest footballer blog going. The set up is relatively simple – fanatical maniacs send in their weird questions, then Arsenal’s toddler-sized fashion graduate answers them with his tongue lodged firmly in his cheek.

He then finishes each answer with a cheerful emoticon, such as ;-))))). Which is cool :-(

Enjoy a taster of the latest batch of strange and intrusive questions after the jump…

3. From 241,984
Hi, Andrey! I’ve got a question for you: I’ve seen TV reports about speed eating contests (for example, in Germany they eat hot dogs and wash them down with beer). Would you dare to speed-eat a lot of chocolate cakes?
Sincerely, Lena
I can afford to buy a lot of chocolate cakes and eat them calmly, without any fuss and contests at home ;)

5. From Nastya1992
Andrey, would you be able to forgive infidelity?

9. From Girlfan
Andrey Sergeevich, have you ever been called a “cad” by teachers?
: Unfortunately, very often ;))

25. From dashunchic
Hello “The direct, natural, and necessary relation of person to person is the relation between man and woman .From this relationship one can therefore judge man’s whole level of development” MARX Do you agree?
: I think the relationships between a man and a woman can be viewed from this aspect.

Great stuff :-I

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