Homesick Blues

Leighton Baines reveals World Cup homesickness issues

Leighton having fun… NOT!

Leighton Baines

Of course, it would be easy to deride a man who admits that he struggles with shyness, so Leighton Baines will no doubt become the source of some “hilarious” jibes amongst the swarms of shirt wearing Saturday night cretins, who prefer “banter” to “conversation”, and feel it entirely necessary to deploy “wingmen” to ensure that they impress drunk women.

But, The Spoiler actually finds the left back’s honesty refreshing. In a time when footballers tend to suffer from being rather too self-assured, it’s nice to discover someone who perhaps finds it all a bit much. He said this (as reported in The Mirror):

“Everyone wants to be a part of England, to come away and play, but I have always found it really hard, even when I was teenager, being away from home.”

“I have always struggled with it, that’s quite tough, but the more time you spend around the lads, the more you begin to feel part of everything.”

“They are all good lads, everyone is friendly and gets on with each other. There’s no case of feeling out the picture.”

“It takes time to settle in fully but the lads make it easier for you. There is a good spirit and that is a real help.”

And did Leighton enjoy winning his second cap the other night?

“Did I enjoy the evening? Not really, no.”

Fair enough.

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  • Delboy Dublin // May 27, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    After his “performance” against Mexico, I don’t think homesickness will be a problem this summer

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