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Oh no, Maradona’s talking about taking his clothes off

Imagine this man, but totally naked

Diego Maradona

Nine times out of ten, if someone tells you that they will do something humiliating if their team wins, you can be pretty sure that when it comes to the crunch, they just won’t do it. They will make a sudden U-turn, accept the inevitable ribbing, then get on with their lives. And you know what, that’s totally fine.

Unfortunately, when Diego Maradona suggests that he would celebrate World Cup victory by popping his clothes off and running around naked with his actual penis showing, you know that not only does he totally mean it, but that he’ll probably turn up to the final in just his underpants.

He said this (as reported in today’s Sun):

“If we win the World Cup, I’ll get naked and run around the Obelisk.”  

Diego, seriously, there’s no need.

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  • Mr Willy // May 27, 2010 at 11:57 am

    Oh my! Pass me the vomit bucket.

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