Does Joe Cole already know he’s going to the World Cup?

Midfielder spotted having ‘celebratory drinks’ after Japan game


As regular readers may have guessed by now, when it’s not bashing out stories on the sexual adventures of obscure foreign football players or posting LOLeriffic videos, The Spoiler can be found draped over a bar stool somewhere in England’s fashionable London, drowning its remaining braincells in [the cheapest available] beer.

It’ll come as no surprise, then, that it was in a bar The Spoiler spotted Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole with his wife Carly Zucker and friends, near her hometown in east London yesterday evening. An esteemed, albeit slightly hungover, organ such as ourselves wouldn’t like to speculate on the reason for their patronage, just hours after England fumbled their way to a 2-1 friendly win over Japan in Austria, but we will anyway – it looked mightily similar to a quiet farewell drinks do.

The debate over Cole’s inclusion in Fabio Capello’s World Cup team has held a monopoly on column inches in the run-up to the tournament. With the final 23-man squad officially announced tomorrow, ahead of the flight out to South Africa on Wednesday, has the Chelsea winger already been put out of his misery? Or is no-nonsense Capello too professional to let slip his intentions ahead of time? We’ll find out tomorrow…

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