World Cup 2018 bid turns ugly as Russia chief calls England fans ‘the utmost hooligans’

Bid leader declares a state of ‘information war’ with the Three Lions


Lord Triesman’s private musings regarding Russia, Spain and the threat of bribery in the upcoming World Cup may have cost him his job and left England‘s hopes for hosting the 2018 tournament firmly in the toilet, but it seems Russia are still crying hot, salty tears over the whole affair.

Alexi Sorokin, head of Russia’s 2018 campaign, has responded to comments made by England bid executive Lord Coe (who recently praised Three Lions fans as being the best in the world) by warning FIFA England supporters don’t make for good house-guests:

I know Lord Coe well. He is a most decent person. But I do not understand what ‘the best supporters’ mean. Maybe he meant that English football fans are the utmost hooligans.

If that’s so, I am ready to agree and hand over supremacy to them. Wherever the English fans travel they create huge problems for the hosts. In this sense they are indeed ‘the best’.

Miaow. Want a saucer of milk with that? Once Sorokin had finished handing out the type of pithy sass mouth usually reserved for characters in Sex and the City, he went on to give his fellow countrymen a ringing endorsement:

As for our fans, going to away games they behave well. I may guarantee that as the Russian Football Union general director.

…He said, while quietly closing this video. And this one. And this one here.

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