PArtial Nudity

South Africa fans remove their clothes to show support

Oh for heaven’s sake


Generally speaking, the kind of people who suggest late night skinny dips tend to spend their evenings looking directly into their own eyes as they sprint on conveyor belts to the looping sounds of Kasabian, just biding their time, searching for a fitting excuse to take their shirts off.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to a gaggle of keen South Africa supporters, who thought it entirely necessary to run through the streets in just their pants as a show of support for their national side, under the guise of an “organised streak”.

Such pointless frivolity can only spark a surge in national exhibitionism, and with an entire week to go until the tournament kicks off, there is a very real threat of streets becoming awash with flashers using the whole World Cup thing as a very weak excuse to finally unveil the old cock and two veg.

You have been warned.

(via Dirty Tackle)



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