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Bet on David Villa for the World Cup Golden Boot

He shoots… he probably scores!

David Villa

Of course, much money will be thrown around during the World Cup, so The Spoiler is more than happy to accept decent betting advice from those in the know. Here’s what some friends of the site had to say about the race for the Golden Boot:

The latest World Cup Golden Boot Odds make Spain and Barcelona striker David Villa the favourite to score more goals than anyone else this summer but it looks a competitive betting heat with top players such as Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney in opposition at the world’s greatest football show.

David Villa is the one most people want to bet on and it’s not hard to see why, he is an absolute goal machine who also chips in with penalties and free kicks, which can give the extra goal or two required to ensure a set of shiny slippers come the tournament’s end. He has 37 goals in 56 games for his country which is an amazing ratio and that helped him to become Golden Boot at Euro 2008.

The next best contenders are believed to be Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney, but their goal records don’t compare to Villa’s – Messi has 13 and 44, whilst Rooney has 25 in 60. With Diego Maradona probably being more of a hindrance than a help to Argentina’s chances at the World Cup, Rooney looks the better bet of the two.

Others who are also well fancied include Cristiano Ronaldo, but he failed to score in qualifying, and also Fernando Torres, but he is still recovering from surgery. At much bigger prices it could be better to follow players such as Humberto Suazo for Chile, who outscored everyone in South American during qualifying.

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