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Arshavin – holidaying, but not forgotten

Andrey Arshavin

One man who will be very much missed during the World Cup is Arsenal’s gnome-like fashionista Andrey Arshavin. Such a gifted player, but – more than that – the greatest footballer/blogger in the known world.

For those who haven’t felt the warm beam that lurks inside this young Russian mind, you simply must visit his site. The set up is pretty simple: weird fans ask questions, then Arshavin answers as honestly as he can be bothered to, before adding the occasional emoticon for extra flair ;-))

Here’s a taster of the latest post:

5. From tatyanav88
Hello, Andrey! And my questions are: It is interesting to know: Do you consider yourself a romantic? Is there any place in your life for romance? And a little, perhaps, indiscreet question: Could you kneel before a woman you love and ask for forgiveness? I’ll be very glad if you answer! I sincerely wish all the best to you and your family. Tatiana.
PS: Thank you very much for answering my previous question!
: Romance is not alien to me. But, in this regard, I would call myself a lazybones. I think that I could.

10. From pave
Andrey! Who is your favorite football player? Mine – Andrey Arshavin.
: And mine too ;))))

12. From Polina95
Andrey, I have your name carved on my arm with a knife! Did I do it for nothing or not? What do you think? And this is not a joke; I spent the whole day carving it!
: I do not understand it. Actually, I do not even like when people make tattoos. If it is not a joke, it’s sad. There are many other ways to express your sympathy to me.

13. From Shavochka
Hello !!!!!!!!!!! You used to say that Barcelona was your dream, but in an interview to Arsenal you said that you wanted to move to this club in particular. What should I think?
: As a child I supported Barcelona, I do not deny that. Actually I continue to root for “Barca” in the Spanish Championship. As for the English Championship, I’ve always liked Arsenal, so when I had an opportunity to join this club, I happily agreed. So I’ve never seen myself as a player of any other English club. Again, I am a Gunner, and I am satisfied with everything.

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