World Cup virgins, Dutch team are banned from Twitter and Fabio Capello gets strict(er)

Also appearing on a computer near you…

Tim Cahill, Lucre Neill and compatriots play a pick-up game with the local wildlife [via 101GG]

Let’s all go to Tescos, where Jonas buys his best clothes! La-la la la
[The Sun]

“Stop swearing” says Capello. Staring everyone out is alright, though.

Alex Pato is joining the pro-vuvuzela gang (along with us, and… erm. That’s it.)
[Off the Post]

How to deal with World Cup virgins

Dutch banned from Twitter after that video The Spoiler posted yesterday

World Cup fever outbreak! Shield your eyes from ITV’s desperate coverage
[The Gaffer]

FIFA *sigh* 11 preview. Looks alright, we suppose.

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