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Send us our women, demands Frenchman Patrice Evra

Frenchmen – love sick?

Evra et al

They’re a fractious bunch, the French. They appeared to spend the weeks preceding the World Cup not so much training, as enjoying a series of team bonding therapies – bike rides, skiing, evenings spent searching for kind words to describe William Gallas. Then just yesterday, reports came in concerning a seething reluctance to pass the ball to one another.

And now, Patrice Evra – a man seemingly modeling himself as France’s answer to Gary Neville – has decided that enough is enough, and that these men just need their women. Perhaps figuring that a long evening of steamy love making and soft accordion music could be just the medicine that they need to calm down.

As reported in today’s Daily Mail, the French wives and girlfriends were due to fly out later in the tournament, should their boys happen to make it to the quarter final, but Evra has somehow talked the French Football Federation into parting with £200,000 in ironed notes to send their tottering women to South Africa for a four day jolly over the coming weekend.

Noel Le Graet, vice president of the French FA, said this:

“I prefer the wives and girlfriends to be out there. It is psychological, and better for the players.”

“It is like in ordinary life – you always feel better with a woman by your side.”

Well, not ALWAYS, Noel.

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  • Jodie Foster // June 12, 2010 at 8:08 am

    Don’t forget an underage hooker for Ribery

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