Liverpool Exodus

Are Johnson, Mascherano and Stevie G off too?

Are these men going with Rafa?

Glen Johnson and Mascherano

After the brutal reaction from the weekend’s story about Torres being linked with Chelsea, it’s with an anxious, trembling heart that The Spoiler reports on speculation about what might happen to Liverpool’s biggest stars next.

The fresh ink is reportedly being prepared for Yossi Benayoun’s feathered quill over at Stamford Bridge – with around £6million rumoured to be exchanging hands – and now some other big names are being trumpeted around amidst rumours of a mass exodus from Anfield.

According to our great pals over at Caught Offside, Barcelona have entered the race to land Steven G, should their snail-paced pursuit of Cesc Fabregas finally grind to a rather underwhelming halt. The word on the street being that Real Madrid are not happy to pay over the odds for a man who will be turning 50 in 20 years time.

In other news, Javier Mascherano has reportedly been taking Italian classes, and looks likely to double up with Cambiasso over at Inter, forming a beguiling midfield partnership that Maradona rather stupidly overlooked.

And with Maicon likely to follow Mourinho to Spain, certain quarters seem convinced that Glen Johnson will undergo a poor man’s version of the same move, by trailing behind Rafa Benitez as he makes his way to Italy.

All of a sudden, Ryan Babel looks rather worth keeping hold of.

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  • steve mcauley // June 15, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    all this speculation is getting a little unerving but ultimately unbelievable! surely all these players, with the exception of mascherano, will wait to see who comes in to manage Lfc?
    on rafa: last year he said he would reject £50m for masch, fact! he also said that a fully-fit aquilani would cost up to £35m, fact! he also put a £15m price-tag on lucas, fact! so if that was his valuation, then let him pay it now, or does he not rate them as high now that he’s squandering inter’s millions?

  • Dave // June 15, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    If Torres was to go to Barcelona,(which is his fancy for the future-does’n't like Real M),then Gerrard will probably opt to go there also,rather than RM. Afterall they love to ‘play’ with eachother!!!!!

  • Dan // June 15, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Which players are staying then? Should our target next season be staying up? As bad as things are, British media doesn’t help our situation. They’d say Torres was going to MK dons if they think it’ll sell another paper. I’m not saying we won’t loose G & T, Yossi and Masch – we dam well could! We’ll take the transfer funds and build again. Players will always want to play for LFC we are a big name in world football & we have thousands of die hard fans who will get behind the team if we have a chance of wining anything or not! All of our revenue streams are sound ticket sales, merchandise, hospitality – even if we have pissed money away in the transfer market. LFC is a viable business BECAUSE of our loyal supporters – players & managers come & go but without support a club is knackered. I don’t blame the mancs for enjoying our ‘downfall’ (minor set back). I love the fact they waste thousands of pounds on a club that shits on them on a regular basis, and the fact most proper man u fans hate their own fans more than we do. The sort of fan that can ware the shirt but can’t point out Manchester on a map. It’ll be interesting to see if Van Der Sar will win the golden glove again without Vidic in front of him, is he shite better then reina, as some mancs have the bare faced cheek to say! Anyway, Sell Torres who is injury prone (understatement of the century) to one of the clubs with more money than sence (Real, Man C). Let Gerrard go, he’s 30 so might be our last chance to cash in, he wants to play for Jose at Real – I’d let him, and wish him every succsess. Take the £80m – £120m and rebuild from scratch with Kenny at the helm. Once we get the Ownership sorted a bright future awaits!

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