Tim Howard brings a little sunshine to rubbish World Cup

Howard – prop comic

There’s an ongoing myth that Americans aren’t funny, but anyone who has thoroughly enjoyed the stateside version of The Office will probably attest to the fact that, actually, they might even be funnier than Ricky Gervais. That’s right, Ricky Gervais! Man, he’s hilarious, that Ricky Gervais. The Spoiler particularly likes it when he does that barmy dance of his.

Anyway, the above clip (courtesy of our pals at Dirty Tackle) uncovers a surprising comedian in the American World Cup squad. Who is it? There’s a massive clue in the headline. 

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  • Gus // June 16, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    On what bizarro planet does this myth exist where Americans are not funny? Their country – which I unfortunately have to live in – produced Richard Pryor, Bill Murrey, George Carlin, The Three Stoogies, Robin Williams, The Marx Brothers and the guy who directed The Hangover.

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