Sexy Soccer, Kiko Macheda’s obscene swimwear and North Korea’s World Cup experience

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In response to the boring football on telly, German and Australian porn stars donned bodypaint and took to the beach last weekend, to play out the Sexy Soccer World Cup 2010 final. The Aussies lost 6-4. (NSFW, obvs.)
[Sexy Soccer 2010, via the Huffington Post]

Federico Macheda borrows his (gorgeous) girlfriends’ swimming trunks
[The Sun]

Sales of condoms in S.Korea rocket after Greece win

Vuvuzela haters – download this and spare us from your incessant whining
[Anti Vuvuzela Filter]

Watching the World Cup in N.Korea

Robert Pires could be diving his way back across the continent to Leicester
[Daily Mail]

5 funniest football headlines
[Betfair Football]

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