Kaka causes a stir in Asia after apparently refusing to swap shirts with Korea’s Jong Tae-Se

Fans up in arms after star striker snubbed


Clean-cut Brazilian hero Kaka is the poster boy for butter-wouldn’t-melt footballers around the globe (all five of them), however, his pristine image has been spattered with the grubby dirt of controversy in the past few days.

Still reeling after [unfairly] seeing red against the Ivory Coast on Sunday, the tricky playmaker is now a hate figure amongst North Korean AND Chinese fans after allegedly refusing to swap shirts with blubbering star striker Jong “the Korean Wayne Rooney” Tae-Se after their match last Tuesday.

Due to their close proximity and common history, many Chinese fans hold North Korea as their second team. According to Spanish paper AS, they all hit the Internet last week to register their disgust at the Real Madrid man’s apparent snub.

“Someday Kaka will be the one asking for Jong’s shirt,” said one, while another claimed “Kaka’s performance was nowhere near as good as Jong Tae-Se’s.” Obviously, once the initial bitching began, the old ‘unsubstantiated anecdote’ reared its ugly head:

In 2002, when China played Brazil in the [World Cup] preliminary phase, the entire team tried to swap with the Brazilians. No-one got one.

However, Chinese news website chinaSMACK report it might all have been one big misunderstanding:

At the end of the game, Zheng Dashi [aka Jong Tae-Se] approached the Brazilian team’s area, hoping to speak with Kaka. Kaka praised Zheng’s lively play, after which Zheng requested that they exchange shirts. It might have been that Kaka didn’t understand that Zheng’s hand gestures meant “Take off your shirt, fold it, and give it to me, I’ll do the same with mine”; in any case Kaka turned away and left, leaving Zheng standing on his own, looking very awkward.

The Spoiler loves the fact sensible Tae-Se would demand one of the biggest football stars on the planet should neatly fold his shirt before handing it over.

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  • ronaldo (el phenomeno) // June 24, 2010 at 12:01 am

    No no kaka said ill iron it for you and send it with courier

  • Soccer Fan // June 25, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Some jerseys are not worth exchanging

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