Raymond Domenech’s mum wades in on the France debacle

Mme. Domenech is ready to tear Nicolas Anelka a new one


France‘s crowning ceremony as international football’s biggest laughing stock was just as spectacular as expected yesterday. With sponsors deserting Les Bleus left, right and centre, the team crashed to a 2-1 defeat against South Africa. Boss Raymond Domenech made one last attempt to prove himself as the world’s biggest anus, before the squad was whisked directly to the airport to start a 5500 mile trip back to Paris on the most budget airline the FFF could find.

French media are reporting alleged resistance leader Thierry Henry will be summoned by President Nicolas Sarkozy to shrug his way through a full report of the fiasco when he gets back, but that’s nothing (Sarkozy’s fit wife might be at home, which will take the edge off things) compared to what awaits Nicolas Anelka…

Raymond Domenech’s 80-year-old mum.

Madame Domenech leapt to her son’s defence in an interview on RTL radio yesterday, announcing her disgust at the rant which reportedly got striker Nicolas Anelka expelled from the French squad last week. Understandably, the pensioner doesn’t take to kindly to being called a ‘whore’:

“I’d like to meet Mr Anelka and give him a piece of my mind as a mother,” said pensioner Mrs Domenech.

“It’s distressing to be insulted like that, because he is not just the coach but he is also my son. It’s a double insult to my son and to me as his mother.”

Perhaps Ray should have brought his mum along to South Africa. One curt telling off from Mme. Domenech and Henry, Abidal, Ribery et. al. would’ve gone from strutting around like heroic rebel leaders to looking rather sheepish and offering to make her cups of tea.

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