Algeria’s Rafik Saifi slaps female journo after USA loss

Striker gets shouty with fists, ends up worse off


Algeria forward Rafik Saifi, fresh from his team’s injury-time defeat to the USA yesterday, has made his shitty week even worse after slapping a female reporter in the face on his way to a post-match interview.

Saifi was heading through the media enclosure at Loftus Versfield stadium when he spotted Asma Halimi, a writer for Algerian sports paper Competition, and decided to swing for her. In a room full of cameramen. And journalists.

Fortunately, Halimi returned the favour by smacking the player back, busting his lip open in the process.

Reports claim Saifi has had a running feud with Halimi since she wrote an article criticising his performances. The reporter told Yahoo Sports:

“I said nothing to him and he reached over and hit me. So I hit him back. I said nothing to him first.”

The 35-year-old is expected to be hauled up in front of both FIFA and the Algeria FA (and the police, we’d assume) in the not too distant future.

So far The Spoiler has reported a new incident of verbal or physical abuse at World Cup 2010 everyday this week. Tune in tomorrow to see if we can complete the set and get ourselves in the Guinness Book of Records or win a medal or something.

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  • Daryl // June 24, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    Lucio strides forward with the ball and is slightly caught by Ronaldo… he dives like Tom Daley and Ronaldo receives his 2nd yellow ruling him out of the next game…Ironically Ronaldo squares up to Lucio and accuses him of simulation

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