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Bet on a small hatful of goals in the Brazil game

This gruesome twosome is back in town…

Kaka and Robinho 

For anyone who thinks that there is nothing to live for now that England are out of the World Cup, you are wrong. Very wrong.

What about Wimbledon? Big Brother? The prospect of Glasto bosses following the success of last year’s geriatric Neil Young, and this year’s aging Stevie Wonder, by assembling the bones of Hendrix, Joplin, and Keith Moon, piling them up on the main stage, then hoping that something magical happens?

See? It’s all good. Plus, you can soothe your World Cup grief by placing a few strategic bets. Everyone knows that money cures sadness. It’s a fact.

Tonight finds Brazil taking on Chile, in what could prove to be an upgrade on last night’s spectacular from Argentina and Mexico. Robinho and Kaka are back, Chile are livelier than a bouncy castle crammed with toddlers full of Coca-Cola, so it should be a real treat.

Hence, gamblers, might The Spoiler suggest beting on more than 2.5 goals, with the odds at around 2.8 on Betfair

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