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Cristiano Ronaldo in Jersey Shore, World Cup hairstyles…

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CR7 Jersey Shore 

To kickstart a potential feature called something like “Footballers who should be in television programmes”, above is Cristiano Ronaldo in a football reimagining of MTV’s Jersey Shore. If you can think of more footballers who would be perfectly suited to a TV show, email us here

Some fine football outfits from our buddies at Studs Up

[Studs Up Football Club]

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexual conquests under the microscope


Venables knew England were rubbish all along, bless him

[The Sun]

World Cup 2010 hairstyles examined

[Dirty Tackle]

Luis Fabiano fancies having a go with Man United


Brazil vs Chile previewed

[Caught Offside]

Technophobe Sepp Blatter gets the funny treatment

[The Gaffer]

Guti spells things out to a disappointed woman


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