Shattered Dreams

Cristiano Ronaldo spells out exactly what defeat feels like

Behold, a man in pain

Cristiano Ronaldo

In a contrast akin to being punched in the underpants then kissed on the eyelids, Cristiano Ronaldo followed up his post-match flobbing controversy, by eloquently explaining just how beautifully painful World Cup defeat can be.

He said this, as reported on the popular Spanish website, Marca:

“I am broken, completely devastated, frustrated and with an unimaginable sadness.”

“I’m shattered, I have the right to suffer alone.”

In light of the England players ruffling feathers by reacting to their defeat by cracking open a few cigars, getting the beers in, and DARING TO LAUGH, this “unimaginable sadness” certainly sounds more the ticket.

Cristiano will now presumably return home to suffer alone… but for three or four kindly attentive bed nurses tending to his tawdry broken hearted wants.

Get well soon, Ronaldo.

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  • carol // June 30, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    It’s nice to see that he actually gives a shit, yeah?

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