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Hot Paraguay fan vows to get naked if they win

This is Larissa Riquelme, everyone

Larissa Riquelme

Anyone who has made it through the entire coverage of a World Cup match will be all too aware that the cameramen have two jobs. Firstly, they need to film the game, that’s a given. But they also have a second job – to scour the stands like peeping toms, looking for hot girls.

One such hottie who appears to be tightening trousers all over the world is Larissa Riquelme, who has made it her job to attend each and every Paraguay match with her assets damn near bursting at the seams. She said this about the possibility of getting them out if her team wins (as reported by our pals at Pies):

“Of course I will, but with my body painted in the colours of Paraguay.”

How very generous. You can find lots of saucy pictures of Larissa here.

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  • David // July 1, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    Yeah, if you don’t look at her “I was ugly in school and have since gotten a boob job to take the boys’ eyes away from my goofy features” face, she’s *almost* an attractive lady. There’s always porn and countless pictures of other ladies to look at in the meantime…

  • Samsquanch // July 4, 2010 at 2:02 am


    It’s ok to be gay… no need to be a hater.

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