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Germany’s Mesut Ozil has a sly pop at the England team

Wayne Rooney – THIS bored

Wayne Rooney 

Nothing cures crippling boredom quite like the surging rush of fury caused by some abominable optimist dancing in front of you, explaining just how wonderful the world is. So, damn it, Mesut Ozil. What took you so long?

Just a couple of short weeks ago, the England team were killing time between matches either boring themselves to death with relentless games of darts and snooker, or mindlessly repeating the same word over and over again until it wasn’t that word anymore. Just a noise.

But, in the words of the German wonderkid Mesut Ozil (as reported in the Daily Mail):

“… if you find the greatest tournament on earth boring, then you probably shouldn’t be there.”

And lo, Mesut, they’re not.

Just thank Christ he didn’t say “only boring people get bored”.

That is so not true. 

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