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Vanessa Perroncel explains herself whilst in her knickers

Vanessa – getting a few things off her chest


As pretty much everyone who has been caught up in a public sex or race scandal knows, the best way to deal with it is to bide your time, slowly remove your clothes, and then distract everyone with your breasts, as you reel off a few soundbites about how naive you are.

It’s a winning technique – one that has worked very well in the past for tabloid fodder like Rebecca Loos and Danielle Lloyd.

And the next lady to be inaugurated into such rich company is Vanessa Perroncel – the French underpants model who made Wayne Bridge so furious that he couldn’t bear the thought of sitting on the bench at the World Cup.

Now that the dust has started to settle, she’s decided that it’s time to speak out, and you can read all about her “setting the record straight” in this month’s issue of the gentleman’s magazine FHM.

“I said it wasn’t true, but no one wanted to know.”

“I was supposed to have had sex with him five times a week. It’s just horrid.”

Find what that’s all about here.

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