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World Cup betting tips, Cheryl Cole update, sexy fans…

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Coco Robbens 

A great Robben picture from Spoiler reader, Dave Williams. Nice one Dave! Keep sending your masterpieces here, people! The best of the best will all be posted in due course.

A world of betting information for the Spain/Holland final


The sexiest fans at this year’s World Cup honoured with “a gallery”


Awkward goodbyes for some of Holland’s finest

[Dirty Tackle]

Steven G ain’t going nowhere (oop – double negative?)

[Caught Offside]

World Cup Facebook fakery


The silver lining attached to Cheryl Cole’s bout of Malaria


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  • Dave Williams // July 8, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    thanks guys, im glad u liked it! i am available for all kinds of sports related design wizzardry!

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